Back Office project: catalogue batch

What does the catalogue batch (batch 1) consist of?

This first stage of the project concerns the implementation of a single product catalogue between Fnac and Darty marketplaces for the French and Belgian markets.

For this purpose, following the switchover, from the 2nd quarter of 2023, product import will only be done on the Mirakl Fnac catalogue portal (also called Mirakl Catalogue Manager), which is the tool currently used by the Fnac marketplace.

Following the switchover, Mirakl Fnac catalogue portal will be renamed Mirakl Fnac Darty Catalogue Manager (MCM) and will be used for product import for both marketplaces.

From now on, sellers will be able to submit their catalogue only once so that it can be integrated on both platforms. While continuing to submit their offers (price, stock and condition) according to the sales platform, Fnac France and Belgium or Darty.

Sellers on the Darty marketplace will still have access to the Mirakl Darty Back Office to integrate their offers and access their order management and customer complaints. The other functionalities will remain specific to each of the Back Offices, Fnac or Darty, until the migration of batch 2 - Offers & Orders, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

Existing solutions and objectives of batch 1

How will the catalogue switchover affect vendors?

For sellers only on the Darty marketplace platform

These sellers use the Mirakl Darty tool and will have to familiarise themselves with the Mirakl Fnac catalogue portal (MCM). Therefore, during the entire switchover, product imports will be done at two levels:

For sellers on the Fnac and Darty marketplaces

These sellers are already familiar with the Mirakl Fnac catalogue portal (MCM), which they use to submit their references to the Fnac catalogue. Therefore, for them, nothing changes in terms of operation during the switchover:

  • Sellers will begin to submit product imports to the Mirakl Fnac catalogue portal (MCM)
  • Sellers will continue to submit product imports to Mirakl Darty as usual
  • Sellers will continue to submit the product import on Mirakl Fnac (MCM) in the usual way, while adding the Darty references if they are not already present
  • Sellers will continue to submit the product import on Mirakl Darty as usual

At the end of the catalogue switchover, at the end of the first quarter of 2023, only one product import on the Mirakl Fnac Darty catalogue portal (MCM) will be necessary to submit a catalogue for the Fnac and Darty marketplaces, for the French and Belgium markets.

We will then inform sellers when it is no longer necessary to push the catalogue to Mirakl Darty.

Here are some additional features of the Fnac Catalogue Portal (MCM) compared to the Mirakl Darty product import you use today:

  • Seeing a list of who has modified an item record and the date of modification
  • Modifying an element of an existing item record (title, image, and other elements) without the seller being the creator of the item record
  • Making mass corrections or modifications and being able to select multiple item records and modify elements. For example, replace the category of an entire selection by assigning a new category.

What's next?

We will come back to the sellers in December to give them more information on the breakdown of these waves. For information, the catalogue switchover will be carried out by product family groups. 

Then in January, we will let them know the exact date from which they should start importing products into the Mirakl Fnac catalogue portal (MCM), while continuing to import their products into Mirakl Darty.

Several reminders will be issued to ensure that the information has been received.