Our features


Through our available API, you can handle all aspects of the distribution chain. From setting your offers price to taking care of your customers thanks to our messages and incidents API.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the available API on the Fnac Marketplace


  • Retrieve offers information (Offers Query)
  • Upload, update or delete offers (Offers Update)

Status and processing reports

  • Know all your ongoing imports status (Batch Query)
  • Retrieve the processing reports from these ongoing uploads (Batch Status)


  • Export your competitors’ pricing on Fnac to adjust yours

Orders management

  • Retrieve your orders (Orders query)
  • Manage and update your orders (Orders Update)
  • Know the different Fnac carrier partners (Carriers Query)
  • Ask us for your access to our API documentation

Messages, comments and incidents

  • Retrieve customers' comments (Client Order Comments Query)
  • Reply to customers' comments (Client Order Comments Update)
  • Receive customers' messages on offers or orders (Messages Query)
  • Reply to customers' messages (Messages Update)
  • Retrieve your orders’ claims (Incidents Query)
  • Manage claims on orders (Incidents Update)

Contact your account manager to get your access to our API Documentation


General questions

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Registration and account settings

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Offers upload and products creation

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Deliveries and shipping costs

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Payments cycles

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Quality KPI

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