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Through our available API, you can handle all aspects of the distribution chain. From setting your offers price to taking care of your customers thanks to our messages and incidents API.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the available API on the Fnac Marketplace


  • Retrieve offers information (Offers Query)
  • Upload, update or delete offers (Offers Update)

Status and processing reports

  • Know all your ongoing imports status (Batch Query)
  • Retrieve the processing reports from these ongoing uploads (Batch Status)


  • Export your competitors’ pricing on Fnac to adjust yours

Orders management

  • Retrieve your orders (Orders query)
  • Manage and update your orders (Orders Update)
  • Know the different Fnac carrier partners (Carriers Query)
  • Ask us for your access to our API documentation

Messages, comments and incidents

  • Retrieve customers' comments (Client Order Comments Query)
  • Reply to customers' comments (Client Order Comments Update)
  • Receive customers' messages on offers or orders (Messages Query)
  • Reply to customers' messages (Messages Update)
  • Retrieve your orders’ claims (Incidents Query)
  • Manage claims on orders (Incidents Update)

Contact your account manager to get your access to our API Documentation


General questions

What is Fnac Marketplace?

The FnacDarty Marketplace is an Europe-wide professional platform for sellers to sell new or used products.

Gain access to millions of Fnac, Darty and MisterGoodDeal customers

Grow your business internationally with the European leader in cultural, hightech and home goods

List all of your products across numerous categories

Enjoy the visibility from the number-one brand for consumer confidence.

How does it work?

Selling products through FNAC Marketplace is simple, intuitive and secure.

  1. Create your e-shop on the websites of your choice
  2. Choose the products you wish to sell
  3. Receive notification in real time for every order
  4. Ship your products to customers
  5. Receive your payment

Registration and account settings

How do I register and create a professional seller account?

Opening your Fnac/Darty seller account includes no up-front fees

  • A commission on sales made through the site of the Fnac/Darty group.
  • A 39.99€ pre-tax value monthly subscription for each of your shops

Register on Fnac
Register on Darty

Offers upload and products creation

Which products am I entitled to sell through Marketplace?

You may consult the categories of products approved for sale here.
As a professional seller, you agree to only sell products that you either own or else have the right to sell.
Our catalogue excludes all products outside the stated categories, or considered dangerous / controlled (weapons, alcohol, animals, etc).

What if i cannot find the product I wish to sell ?

Can’t find the product you wish to sell? Don’t panic! On our Marketplace, you have the opportunity to create your references on your own!

  1. On Fnac.com, go to your seller account, then “My offers” and “Create a catalogue”
  2. On Darty.com login to your seller account, then “My inventory” and “Import from file”
  3. Our team will then check the references you sent and accept/refuse them
  4. You can also create references through our API on both platform
How do I make my item appear in top list of the site Fnac.com?

By default, items are displayed in ascending order of price. The criterion for ranking offers is also based on quality criteria of your shop such as the star rating or the number of complaints.

What is Top Seller status and how do I attain it?

‘TOP SELLER’ is a distinction achieved by some experienced sellers who have demonstrated the excellence of their operation. By virtue of the superior quality of their service, they guarantee customers the best possible experience. These are the criteria for gaining access to ‘TOP SELLER’ status:

– Minimum 6 months’ track-record on Fnac Marketplace

– Number of orders ≥ 100

– Average score ≥ 4.7 / 5

– Acceptance rate of orders ≥ 95%

– Complaint / litigation rate ≤ 3%

– Instant refund rate ≤ 5%

– Late delivery rate ≤ 5%

– Response time to customer questions / complaints (over the last 6 months) ≤ 48 hours


Once you have become a ‘TOP SELLER’, you’ll find a gold star medal next to your shop’s name.
Caution: If your performance as measured against any one of the criteria listed above should slip, you will forfeit your ‘Top Seller’ status.

Deliveries and shipping costs

Am I obliged to provide a tracking number for my order?

The tracking number is a piece of information that you are obliged to provide to the customer for any tracked or registered order for delivery. 
Upon acceptance of the order, fill in the carrier field and the tracking number field. You can send the tracking code of the order to the customer at any time via our messaging tool.

Which delivery methods can I offer?

You can deliver your standard size products (> 30kg) by:

Normal: delivery of the consignment to the customer’s home without a tracking number (only available for products cheaper than 25€)
Tracked: delivery of the consignment to the customer’s home with the option to track its status and location. The tracking number and the carrier details must be provided. (must be used for products more expensive than 25€)
Registered: delivery of the consignment to the customer’s home with the option to track its status and location. The consignment is delivered against signature. The tracking number and the carrier details must be provided. We advise you to insure the consignment. (must be used for products more expensive than 250€)
Express: delivery of the consignment to the customer’s home within 24 to 48 hours, with the option to track its status and location. The tracking number and the carrier details must be provided.

For bulky products, there are four service levels for delivery (cumulative):

– With or without an appointment
– With or without installation
– Delivered to the room of your choice within your location, or to the foot of the door
– With or without recovery

How are the delivery costs calculated?

Shipping costs are defined according to the logistic category of the product. The default shipping cost matrix is available here . 

You may change the price of your shipping costs
– Go to the ‘my seller settings’ page of your seller account
– Click on ‘my delivery parameters’
– Click on the ‘offer my shipping’ button or change to 0 the shipping cost of the desired service level for one or more logistic categories
– Save

In the same way you may also change the logistic category for each of your items:
– Go to the page of your item via the ‘manage my items’ link
– Select the logistic category that you want to link to this item

– Save

Payments cycles

When and how am I paid?

Billing for orders received is carried out every five days. Following this billing, a bank transfer is made in accordance with our twice-weekly accounting cycles.

Why have my payments been blocked?

If your payment is blocked, it means that you have an unresolved customer complaint pending. You must first process the claim and find a solution with your customer to unlock your payment.
For more details, consult the GTC by clicking right here.

Quality KPI

What are the criteria that determine my seller performance?

Your performance is rated out of five based on the following criteria:

– Average rating: This is the average of the ratings that customers give you at the end of a sale. This is a score out of five.
– Acceptance rate: it indicates the percentage of customer orders that you accept.
– Complaint rate: it indicates the percentage of complaints that you have across all of your orders. 
– Instant refund rate: this indicates the percentage of refunds that you make following the orders that you have accepted but then cannot fulfil for the customer (for example because you have more stock).

What are customer ratings and what are their criteria?

Ratings help build trust and encourage the customer to order your products.
An rating of the order comprises scores ranging from 1 to 5, concerning the five following aspects:

  • Convenience of the place of delivery
  • Observance of the advertised deadlines
  • Attentiveness
  • Order conformity
  • Packaging


How can I improve customer feedback?

To ensure you get good customer feedback:
– Be responsive: accept orders within 48 working hours
– Package your product properly
– Meet your delivery timeframes
– Keep the customer informed at each stage of the order
– Supply the tracking number and the name of your carrier
– Be pro-active: send the invoice and a product return slip to the customer