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Project presentation

Fnac Darty recently unveiled its strategic plan Everyday, which considers the increase in the digitalization of consumption. Through Everyday initiatives, the modernization of our marketplace is a key point of Fnac Darty’s strategy.

As a partner in this activity, we want to simplify your management and to offer you the best experience.

Therefore, Fnac Darty group will unite the back-office solutions of Fnac (French and Belgium markets) and Darty marketplaces into a single platform. Fnac and Darty websites will stay separate.

What does the unification of the back offices mean?

Current representation of the Back Office Marketplace Darty

Today, Darty’s marketplace uses an external market solution, Mirakl, to allow its sellers to import their catalogue and offers but also to access the management of their orders and customer claims.

Current representation of the Back Office Marketplace Fnac

Simultaneously, Fnac’s marketplace provides its sellers with these functionalities via an internal solution paired with Mirakl Catalog Manager (called Mirakl Fnac).

Objective of the Back Offices Marketplace Fnac et Darty

As a Darty partner, the Marketplace team informs you of the implementation of the BOMP Unique project (Back Office MarketPlace Unique), which aims to standardize the operation by switching the Darty marketplace on the current solution of Fnac’s back-office marketplace.

How are sellers affected?

All e-shops and sellers who are selling on Darty Marketplace are affected by this project. Regarding the catalog migration, there is no identified impact on the operation of the Fnac marketplace.

The migration of the Darty platform to the Back Office MarketPlace Unique solution and the Mirakl catalog tool (MCM) is divided into two batches: Catalog migration (batch one) and Offers & Orders migration (batch two).

Dividing the project into batches enables the first migration of the catalog (batch 1) during the first quarter of 2023. Offers, orders and remaining functionalities will be migrated the 22 may 2023.

If you want more information about the Catalog switchover, please visit the dedicated page of this site : Catalog Batch 1

Training documents are also available to prepare yoursel for this switchover : Training documents 

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