After-Sales Solutions – Customer Relations

eDesk by xSellco is the high-performance helpdesk that integrates with all major eCommerce marketplaces, shopping carts and social channels, to help sellers grow their online business and scale their customer support strategy.

Benefits include:
Smarter Evaluation
eDesk centralizes your support into one manageable location. Native integrations and smart features ensure that customer, product, order and shipping details are matched with incoming communications. Dynamic dashboards give you instant visibility on any aspect of your performance.

Faster Action
Act instantly, with all relevant customer information in a single view. Route tickets to those best equipped to respond and resolve. Use A.I. to predict the right response, while templates and autoresponders ensure you hit marketplace SLA’s.

eCommerce Resolution
eDesk is purpose-built for online sellers. Combining all your selling and support connections, eDesk layers the smart features eCommerce needs to go from ticket to resolution in half the time.


  • Feedback
  • SLA
  • Management
  • Auto-Translate
  • Snippets & Templates
  • Autoresponder
  • Filters
  • Labels
  • Reporting>
  • Invoice
  • Generator
  • Ticket
  • Assignation
  • Live Chat


ShippyPro is the all in one cloud shipping platform that allows you in few clicks to:

  • Print shipping labels in 1 Click
  • Choose the best couriers’ rates
  • Update the tracking number in your Sales Channel.

No more Copy and Paste!
With ShippyPro linked to your Fnac and Darty stores, you can save up to 40 mins per day.

Save Money on shipments!
Connect the account of your carriers and compare your own negotiated tariffs, ShippyPro show for you the best rate for each shipment. Save up to 18% on your shipping costs.

Avoid transcription errors!
Transcription errors due to manual copy and paste lead to lost packages and increase customers complaints. With our Label Generator you can reduce customer waiting time up to 95%. Stop being flooded by WISMO requests.

Features Set

Connect your Sales Channel
ShippyPro allows you to connect Fnac-Darty and +60 marketplaces, at the same time, within a single platform. Orders are imported in live from your connected sales channels.

Connect your Couriers Account
With ShippyPro you can connect UPS, DHL, FedEx, La Poste, Colissimo and +60 couriers in a single platform. For each order ShippyPro compares all your couriers’ rates and order them by costs and delivery efficiency.

Print your Labels
ShippyPro allows you to print your shipping labels in one click, in different formats (A4, A6, ZPL) and even in bulk. As soon as you get the label, ShippyPro automatically updates the tracking number on your marketplace.

Track your orders
ShippyPro allows you to have the full control of your shipments, including an automatic report with paid and unpaid COD. You can even set your customer notification system and create branded emails.