Darty Feed Integrators

Introducing our feed integration partners for DARTY Marketplace:



Neteven, the distribution platform for marketplaces.
Software and services to centralise the entire sales cycle on Fnac, Darty and other leaders in marketplaces. Access new functionality developed with teams from Fnac and Darty:

  • Product creation and real-time updates
  • Matching
  • Commercial promo events
  • Repricing
  • Data retrieval and order placement
  • Issue of logistic documents
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Interface with your information system

… and much more

Join the top FNAC and Darty sellers and rely on the technology and teams at Neteven to grow your business.






Lengow, « easily sell everywhere » Lengow is an e-commerce automation solution that addresses the challenges of performance, automation and internationalisation of brands and distributors on the internet.
Intuitive and innovative, the Lengow platform ensures high visibility and profitability for the product catalogues of e-merchants, in all their dissemination media: marketplaces, price comparison engines, affiliations, display / retargeting etc.
With more than 1,800 partners joining since 2009, Lengow offers a powerful ecosystem to the 3,500 merchants it supports in 45 countries around the world.


A longstanding Fnac partner, Shopping Feed is a feed manager that will allow you to easily create your products on Fnac Marketplace through a set of 120 features. Your listings will be automatically synchronised and the management of your orders centralised.
Shopping Feed is a partner that strives for innovation. Top advantage: whether you are new seller to Fnac, already a Fnac seller or even using a different solution, Shopping Feed offers you a tailor-made formula and a dedicated team to support you in migrating your feeds.
Don’t delay, try the Fluid Feed Management experience.


Created by experts in marketplaces, Sellermania is the gold-standard solution for selling on marketplaces. The Sellermania proposition combines software solutions with services to empower any merchant to develop his/her potential in marketplaces:

  • Optimised catalogue indexing
  • Centralised order management
  • Accelerated time to market of products
  • Real time stock management
  • Competition-reactive pricing
  • Automated liaison with the seller site

Sellermania is aimed at merchants who either already have a product range on marketplaces, or who want to get started. Through its outsourcing functionality, Sellermania specialises in brands wishing to delegate part of the data implementation and monitoring on marketplaces. A Fnac partner since 2009, Sellermania is in a particularly favourable position to extend its commercial activity on Fnac marketplace.



Iziflux is already used by more than 500 merchants who distribute millions of products on a daily basis. Iziflux manages your feeds and allows you to distribute your products on Cdiscount by centralising your orders and replenishing your stocks automatically. You will benefit from a solution 100% compatible with Cdiscount, so you can distribute your products with: automatic retrieval of your items in your seller back office; product flow updates; optimised categorisation and management of Cdiscount features;order feedback to your back office, automatic replenishment of your stocks, the option of bespoke support and the opportunity to delegate technical and marketing admin.



BeezUP is the solution which allows you to publish your products on FNAC/DARTY by one simple click, but also on marketplaces, price comparators and affiliation.
This tool stands out by its humanely proportion and gives you access to many functionalities which will make you gain a lot of time. Do not hesitate to ask us for a demo !
With more than 2000 partners integrated all over the world, enjoy the set up costs free and Fnac without BeezUp commissions nor products limitation.