Currency Managers

Avoid international wire fees. Pay only for a local transfer, and avoid excessive conversion and correspondent banking fees.
Get paid into you Payoneer Account in EUR, then transfer funds in your local currency to your local bank account or to your prepaid Mastercard®.
Funds are available within minutes!
Receive money from leading marketplaces into the same Payoneer Account, holding the money in the currencies of your choice.
Enjoy 24/7 Customer Care in over 35 languages.


By transferring the income that you earn on international marketplaces via World First into your collection account, you can save money with incredible exchange rates.
Open reception bank accounts at no charge in multiple currencies, so you can receive revenue from marketplaces around the world. World First then transfers your funds fee-free to your collection bank account, at incredible exchange rates – better than those usually offered by most marketplaces and banks. Our team of e-commerce experts will give you a customer service experience that rewards you at several stages. Moreover, they answer all calls in three rings maximum.