Fnac Feed Integrators

Introducing our feed integration partners for Fnac Marketplace:

Neteven, the distribution platform for marketplaces.
Software and services to centralise the entire sales cycle on Fnac, Darty and other leaders in marketplaces. Access new functionality developed with teams from Fnac and Darty:

  • Product creation and real-time updates
  • Matching
  • Commercial promo events
  • Repricing
  • Data retrieval and order placement
  • Issue of logistic documents
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Interface with your information system

and much more… 

Join the top FNAC and Darty sellers and rely on the technology and teams at Neteven to grow your business.


Lengow, « easily sell everywhere » Lengow is an e-commerce automation solution that addresses the challenges of performance, automation and internationalisation of brands and distributors on the internet.
Intuitive and innovative, the Lengow platform ensures high visibility and profitability for the product catalogues of e-merchants, in all their dissemination media: marketplaces, price comparison engines, affiliations, display / retargeting etc.
With more than 1,800 partners joining since 2009, Lengow offers a powerful ecosystem to the 3,500 merchants it supports in 45 countries around the world.


A longstanding Fnac partner, Shopping Feed is a feed manager that will allow you to easily create your products on Fnac Marketplace through a set of 120 features. Your listings will be automatically synchronised and the management of your orders centralised.
Shopping Feed is a partner that strives for innovation. Top advantage: whether you are new seller to Fnac, already a Fnac seller or even using a different solution, Shopping Feed offers you a tailor-made formula and a dedicated team to support you in migrating your feeds.
Don’t delay, try the Fluid Feed Management experience.


Created by experts in marketplaces, Sellermania is the gold-standard solution for selling on marketplaces. The Sellermania proposition combines software solutions with services to empower any merchant to develop his/her potential in marketplaces:

  • Optimised catalogue indexing
  • Centralised order management
  • Accelerated time to market of products
  • Real time stock management
  • Competition-reactive pricing
  • Automated liaison with the seller site

Sellermania is aimed at merchants who either already have a product range on marketplaces, or who want to get started. Through its outsourcing functionality, Sellermania specialises in brands wishing to delegate part of the data implementation and monitoring on marketplaces. A Fnac partner since 2009, Sellermania is in a particularly favourable position to extend its commercial activity on Fnac marketplace.


BeezUP is an online solution for seller sites that allows you to distribute your products through more than 1500 distribution channels in Europe. Upload a single catalogue and promote your products through price comparison engines, marketplaces, affiliations, retargeting or social networks! Centralised stats will allow you to analyse your results in the blink of an eye, and save up to 30% of your budget by optimising your



Iziflux is already used by more than 500 merchants who distribute millions of products on a daily basis. Iziflux manages your feeds and allows you to distribute your products on Cdiscount by centralising your orders and replenishing your stocks automatically. You will benefit from a solution 100% compatible with Cdiscount, so you can distribute your products with: automatic retrieval of your items in your seller back office; product flow updates; optimised categorisation and management of Cdiscount features;order feedback to your back office, automatic replenishment of your stocks, the option of bespoke support and the opportunity to delegate technical and marketing admin.


Diatly supports brands in the development of a profitable and sustainable turnover on marketplaces thanks to a technological platform and a team of experts.
Our « à la carte » offers are tailored to our client’s needs and cover the entire value chain involved in a successful marketplace development: feasibility study, marketplaces selection, data upload, creation of a catalog fully dedicated to each marketplace, technical connection, product syndication and maintenance, centralization of orders, customer service, logistic and shipping, sales and financial reporting. A turnkey solution.
Our vision: remove all constrains of marketplace connections and developments. No fields mapping, no data transformation handling, no error log to analyze. We take care of them. We bring you the support and advices of a team of experts driven by the maximization of your sales growth.
Diatly was created in 2012, its team of 40+ people serve 450 brands.


Linnworks’ Order Management Software automates your entire online selling process, providing you with the tools and support to scale your eCommerce business across multiple marketplaces and website platforms.

Take control of your business, avoid human error such as overselling and free up valuable time with the industry’s leading multi-channel eCommerce platform.


Vendiro help retailers and brand-owners to be successful on over 40 marketplaces in 9 European countries.
Due to our years of experience, enhanced technology (including repricing, content and end-to-end order cycle) and focus on marketplace our client achieve significant revenue and margin growth.
Vendiro; marketplace, our place!

Channable is a data feed integrator for e-merchants and marketeers to serve their product ads to more than 1,000 marketplaces, price comparison engines and affiliation sites around the world. The all-in-one tool includes many features to optimise your feeds, manage your orders and track your analytics data.
Filter, complete and optimise your data to meet your needs and comply with platform specifications such as FNAC’s. Channable also allows you to receive and process orders from many marketplaces, such as FNAC’s, directly from your e-commerce site.
Channable’s strength lies in its intuitive interface, proactive technical support and competitive pricing. Market leader in Benelux, take advantage of our international expertise to promote your products everywhere.

La force de Channable réside dans son interface simple, un support technique proactif et des tarifs compétitifs. Market leader au Bénélux, profitez de notre expertise internationale pour diffuser vos produits partout.


Pentagon is an end-to-end solution provider that enables brands and retailers to accelerate their online growth through 60+ global marketplaces worldwide.
Using a team of more than 120 ecommerce experts in seven countries worldwide, we optimise and localise data, integrate to new ecommerce platforms, connect stock management and order managements systems to marketplaces, launch and manage online stores, drive ecommerce sales, handle international logistics and returns, and provide multi-lingual customer service in more than a dozen languages.
Our tiered service offering provides retailers with a tailored solution to meet their unique requirements; from a robust technical integration to just one marketplace right through to fully managed online stores across multiple international platforms.
Get in touch to discover how we can accelerate your global online growth.


  • Unlike competitors, our success-based commercial model aligns our business completely with our customers’ objectives.
  • Our technology is a purpose built online marketplace integrator, with the ability to open up more marketplaces across the globe than any other software provider.
  • We combine people plus technology to provide a fully managed, completely end-to-end retail solution across multiple online marketplaces globally.
  • Our wholesale solution takes away the complexities of international ecommerce, as we sell your products for you on one of our global marketplace stores.
  • We work with a wide range of customers from across the retail spectrum, focusing specifically on large brands and retailers. We are trusted by Next, Dyson, Ann Summers, BMW, Halfords, Canon, Euro Car Parts, Sports Direct, Co-op, Phillips Lighting and Suzuki.
  • Our vision is to deliver ‘retail without borders’ – enabling retailers in any part of the world to sell to customers across the globe.


E-Services Group (ESG) is the leading Ecommerce Service Provider and are the official partner to over 15 leading marketplaces ranging from Rakuten, Yandex to FNAC. Today, we help support over 20,000 ecommerce retailers to grow their businesses across all our marketplace channels.
As an official partner to leading marketplaces, ESG are able to offer the following benefits to our sellers:

  • Grow incremental sales through joining new marketplaces globally
  • Exclusive benefits ranging from free warehousing to free banner placement via our marketplace partners
  • Free Expert ecommerce advice on best practices to grow your businesses
  • Dedicated account managers to help support the growth of your business
  • Exclusive discounted offer on logistics, payment providers and we can also offer financing services


ChannelEngine connects products to national and international marketplaces. We offer easy integration via free plugins, API’s & product feeds that connect to your E-commerce, ERP and logistics systems. We automatically import and update your product information, allowing you to do business on more channels with minimal resources. Our dynamic filters & advanced pricing enable you to sell products on your terms such as based on stock or margin. You can also easily keep track of who is selling your product & at what price through our dynamic repricing tool. We combine our technical platform to our knowledge of marketplace sales. We realize this on a small percentage of your turnover realized on the marketplace, so that we have a mutual goal of increasing your sales.