Focus on the actions to be made

The actions to be carried out as sellers to prepare the switchover

To highlight the actions to be carried out, this page is a summary of the "Batch Offer and Order" page, do not hesitate to consult it for more information

Restore your Darty store on BOMP

Sellers actions – manual import

Sellers actions – Own API

Own API – details of settings

API: all APIs will be identical to those of the Fnac marketplace (settings and fields)

Shops: the Darty shop ID currently used in Mirakl is different from the shop ID that will be used in BOMP. There is already a 1-to-1 correspondence of Shop_IDs. As the Fnac and Darty shops are distinct, there will be a different API key corresponding to each marketplaces

Partner ID: the partner ID will be identical for Fnac and Darty

Sellers actions – With an aggregator

Post switchover actions

Now that the switchover is complete, here are the actions that need to be performed on your end :

Vacation Mode

Following the switchover operations, your shop is in holiday mode?

We inform you that you can act yourself directly in BOMP Darty to disable this Vacation mode and resume your activity!

First, please check your settings and make sure they are finalized (shop settings, import of offers)

Then, go to My Account > Vacation Mode to perform the manipulation!

To guide you in this step, we put at your disposal :

An explanatory guide: Disable Vacation mode
A video tutorial:Disable Vacation mode