Back Office Project: FAQ


Back Office MarketPlace Unique Project


Seller’s catalog

It contains all the products that can be sold on the marketplace. It is completed by the sellers. Another term for this is product import.

Seller’s offers

An offer refers to a price, a stock, and a state of a product that a seller wants to sell on the marketplace. Each offer is unique and directly linked to a seller. It is the information shown to the clients on the website.

Back office marketplace 

Back office marketplace is a tool that enables the following functionalities:

– To fill in e-shop, catalog and offers information

– To manage and retrieve orders and customer complaints

– To monitor their activity thanks to the dashboards (sales and quality)

– To export accounting information

BOMP Unique

This is the project name. The aim is to unify Fnac and Darty back offices. At the end of the project, Fnac Back Office will become Fnac Darty Back Office. Fnac Catalog Portal (also known as Mirakl Fnac), used by France and Belgium markets, will become Fnac Darty Catalog Portal.

Mirakl Back Office

It is the current Back Office tool of Darty Marketplace through which sellers can manage their catalog, offers, orders and customer complaints. Mirakl is an external solution.

At the end of the project, Fnac Darty Back Office which is the internal solution of Fnac Darty and will replace Mirakl Back Office.

Back Office MarketPlace (BOMP)

Fnac Back Office enables sellers to manage their offers, orders, and customer complaints.

It will be kept and extended to Darty during the BOMP Unique project to become Fnac Darty Back Office.

Catalog Portal (Mirakl Fnac)

The Fnac Catalog Portal (Mirakl Fnac) is the tool where sellers submit their catalog (which means import their products).

It will be kept in the BOMP Unique project. At the end of the project, it will only be necessary to submit one catalog to integrate it on both platforms (Fnac and Darty) for France and Belgium markets.

This tool is a solution managed by Mirakl.

Seller’s account and KYC

Will sellers have only one seller account in the back office?

There will not only be one Back Office access using a single account to manage all e-shops, as this functionality is not part of the BOMP Unique project. Indeed, the BOMP Unique project is a prerequisite to the development of the single access functionality. However, this functionality is part of Fnac Darty roadmap.

As a Darty seller, do I need to create a new account?

It will not be necessary to create a new account on Fnac Darty Back Office, even for sellers who only sell on the Darty marketplace. Indeed, all sellers already have an account which corresponds to their Darty shop on Fnac Back Office tool, as it is through this account that they completed their KYC file. The login details used for completing the KYC file are the ones to be used to access Darty seller’s e-shop on the Fnac Darty Back Office starting from the migration of the 2nd batch on offers & orders.

Will sellers have to go through KYC again?

The BOMP Unique project does not impact the KYC certification process. Therefore, it will not be required to go through the certification process after the migrations.

Key information on the project

Who is concerned by this project?

All e-shops and sellers who are selling on Darty Marketplace.

What are the motivations for moving to a BOMP Unique?

Through this project, Fnac Darty is bringing on the conditions to accelerate the evolution of its marketplace. BOMP Unique project is the first step of Fnac Darty roadmap for its marketplace, which aims to:

• To bring more services, facilitate sellers activities management and guide them with final customers.

• To initiate the implementation of a multi countries and multi companies platform to make it easier to sell on the different marketplaces of the Fnac Darty group.

How long will the project last?

The steps that will require actions from all users of Darty Mirakl Back Office are the following:
1st quarter of 2023 with the migration of the product import functionality
1st quarter of 2024 with the migration of all other functionalities (offers, orders, after-sales service, etc.)

The rest of the time, the project will not affect external parties since it is dedicated to technical developments.
Dividing the project into batches enables a first migration during the first quarter of 2023.

How is the project structured?

Division of the project into two batches:
– Catalog
– Offers and orders

The migration of the catalog takes place in the first quarter of 2023. Offers, orders and remaining functionalities are migrating in the first quarter of 2024.

Which teams are involved in the project?

The usual marketplace contacts are regularly informed of the project and its progress by the team in charge of the project.

Indeed, an internal team is dedicated to this project to make sure it moves forward according to plan, without disrupting the activity of the marketplace.

How will the migrations be organized?

\\\ Catalog migration will be organized by product family.

    • We will communicate a time range to sellers to submit their Darty catalog (product import) in two formats: one through Fnac Catalog Portal and one through Darty Back Office Marketplace.
    • At the end of the catalog migration, only one format will remain: the Fnac Catalog Portal. The product import will require only one catalog submission for uploading data on both marketplaces (Fnac and Darty) for France and Belgium markets.
    • Nb: for sellers who already submit their product imports on both marketplaces (via Mirakl Fnac and via Mirakl Darty), the catalog migration will have no impact.

\\\Offers & Orders migration will be organized by sellers.

Additional information will be communicated later, ahead of the migrations.

I am using a marketplace management platform, how am I affected?

Marketplace management platforms are also informed of this project through a specific communication plan to ensure the continuity of services and to anticipate migrations.

How will the communication be carried out?

We will communicate through three channels:

  • The website to retrieve all information about the project
  • Occasional emails will be sent to provide information on key items such as migration dates
  • Webinars will be scheduled for training and Q&A sessions to encourage discussions.
When will we see the benefits of the project?

At the end of the catalog migration, only one product import will be required to submit a product catalog on both marketplaces (Fnac & Darty) for France and Belgium markets. It will be through the Mirakl catalog portal of Fnac Darty.

In 2024, there will be one unique Back Office for Fnac and Darty to manage each e-shop, orders and customer complaints.