Back Office Project: FAQ


Back Office MarketPlace Unique Project


Seller’s catalog

It contains all the products that can be sold on the marketplace. It is completed by the sellers. Another term for this is product import.

Seller’s offers

An offer refers to a price, a stock, and a state of a product that a seller wants to sell on the marketplace. Each offer is unique and directly linked to a seller. It is the information shown to the clients on the website.

Back office marketplace 

Back office marketplace is a tool that enables the following functionalities:

– To fill in e-shop, catalog and offers information

– To manage and retrieve orders and customer complaints

– To monitor their activity thanks to the dashboards (sales and quality)

– To export accounting information

BOMP Unique

This is the project name. The aim is to unify Fnac and Darty back offices. At the end of the project, Fnac Back Office will become Fnac Darty Back Office. Fnac Catalog Portal (also known as Mirakl Fnac), used by France and Belgium markets, will become Fnac Darty Catalog Portal.

Mirakl Back Office

It is the current Back Office tool of Darty Marketplace through which sellers can manage their catalog, offers, orders and customer complaints. Mirakl is an external solution.

At the end of the project, Fnac Darty Back Office which is the internal solution of Fnac Darty and will replace Mirakl Back Office.

Back Office MarketPlace (BOMP)

Fnac Back Office enables sellers to manage their offers, orders, and customer complaints.

It will be kept and extended to Darty during the BOMP Unique project to become Fnac Darty Back Office.

Catalog Portal (Mirakl Fnac)

The Fnac Catalog Portal (Mirakl Fnac) is the tool where sellers submit their catalog (which means import their products).

It will be kept in the BOMP Unique project. At the end of the project, it will only be necessary to submit one catalog to integrate it on both platforms (Fnac and Darty) for France and Belgium markets.

This tool is a solution managed by Mirakl.

Seller’s account and KYC

Will sellers have only one seller account in the back office?

There will not only be one Back Office access using a single account to manage all e-shops, as this functionality is not part of the BOMP Unique project. Indeed, the BOMP Unique project is a prerequisite to the development of the single access functionality. However, this functionality is part of Fnac Darty roadmap.

As a Darty seller, do I need to create a new account?

It will not be necessary to create a new account on Fnac Darty Back Office, even for sellers who only sell on the Darty marketplace. Indeed, all sellers already have an account which corresponds to their Darty shop on Fnac Back Office tool, as it is through this account that they completed their KYC file. The login details used for completing the KYC file are the ones to be used to access Darty seller’s e-shop on the Fnac Darty Back Office starting from the migration of the 2nd batch on offers & orders.

Will sellers have to go through KYC again?

The BOMP Unique project does not impact the KYC certification process. Therefore, it will not be required to go through the certification process after the migrations.

Key information on the project

Who is concerned by this project?

All e-shops and sellers who are selling on Darty Marketplace.

What are the motivations for moving to a BOMP Unique?

Through this project, Fnac Darty is bringing on the conditions to accelerate the evolution of its marketplace. BOMP Unique project is the first step of Fnac Darty roadmap for its marketplace, which aims to:

• To bring more services, facilitate sellers activities management and guide them with final customers.

• To initiate the implementation of a multi countries and multi companies platform to make it easier to sell on the different marketplaces of the Fnac Darty group.

How long will the project last?

The steps that will require actions from all users of Darty Mirakl Back Office are the following:
1st quarter of 2023 with the migration of the product import functionality
1st quarter of 2024 with the migration of all other functionalities (offers, orders, after-sales service, etc.)

The rest of the time, the project will not affect external parties since it is dedicated to technical developments.
Dividing the project into batches enables a first migration during the first quarter of 2023.

How is the project structured?

Division of the project into two batches:
– Catalog
– Offers and orders

The migration of the catalog takes place in the first quarter of 2023. Offers, orders and remaining functionalities are migrating in the first quarter of 2024.

Which teams are involved in the project?

The usual marketplace contacts are regularly informed of the project and its progress by the team in charge of the project.

Indeed, an internal team is dedicated to this project to make sure it moves forward according to plan, without disrupting the activity of the marketplace.

I’m working with a Management Platform Partner (integrator, aggregator, etc.), is he informed of the project?

All partners (integrators, aggregators) have been made aware of the project. They receive communications and will also have dedicated webinars. Do not hesitate to contact them directly if you have any questions about their organization.

How will the migrations be organized?

\\\ Catalog migration will be organized by product family.

    • We will communicate a time range to sellers to submit their Darty catalog (product import) in two formats: one through Fnac Catalog Portal and one through Darty Back Office Marketplace.
    • At the end of the catalog migration, only one format will remain: the Fnac Catalog Portal. The product import will require only one catalog submission for uploading data on both marketplaces (Fnac and Darty) for France and Belgium markets.
    • Nb: for sellers who already submit their product imports on both marketplaces (via Mirakl Fnac and via Mirakl Darty), the catalog migration will have no impact.

\\\Offers & Orders migration will be organized by sellers.

Additional information will be communicated later, ahead of the migrations.

I am using a marketplace management platform, how am I affected?

Marketplace management platforms are also informed of this project through a specific communication plan to ensure the continuity of services and to anticipate migrations.

How will the communication be carried out?

We will communicate through three channels:

  • The website to retrieve all information about the project
  • Occasional emails will be sent to provide information on key items such as migration dates
  • Webinars will be scheduled for training and Q&A sessions to encourage discussions.
When will we see the benefits of the project?

At the end of the catalog migration, only one product import will be required to submit a product catalog on both marketplaces (Fnac & Darty) for France and Belgium markets. It will be through the Mirakl catalog portal of Fnac Darty.

In 2024, there will be one unique Back Office for Fnac and Darty to manage each e-shop, orders and customer complaints.

Where can I find the webinar’s slides and replays?

All the training documents related to the project, as well as the slides and recordings of the webinars are available on the dedicated page of the site: Training documents

Batch 1 – Catalog

What does the catalog batch (batch 1) consist of?

This first stage of the project concerns the implementation of a single product catalog between Fnac and Darty marketplaces for the French and Belgian markets. Regarding the offers and orders, nothing changes for the moment.

– Product import will only be done on the Mirakl Fnac catalog portal (also called MCM), which is the tool currently used by the Fnac marketplace: sellers will be able to submit their catalog only once so that it can be integrated on both platforms.

– Following the switchover, Mirakl Fnac catalog portal will become Mirakl Fnac Darty Catalogue Manager (MCM) and will be used for product import for both marketplaces

– Sellers on the Darty marketplace will still have access to the Mirakl Darty Back Office to integrate their offers and access their order management and customer complaints.

What are the additional features on Mirakl Fnac compared to Mirakl Darty?

– Seeing a list of who has modified an item record and the date of modification

– Modifying an element of an existing item record (title, image, and other elements) without the seller being the creator of the item record

– Making mass corrections or modifications and being able to select multiple item records and modify elements. For example, replace the category of an entire selection by assigning a new category.

How will the switchover take place?

Here is the overall schedule as it is planned to date:

Please note that sellers will receive personalised email to announce the beginning and the end of the period during which they will be affected.

It’s important to consider these emails in priority.

How am I impacted as a Darty seller during the switchover?

These sellers use the Mirakl Darty tool and will need to familiarize themselves with the Mirakl Fnac (MCM) catalog portal:

– Sellers need to start submitting product imports on the Mirakl Fnac catalog portal (MCM) as soon as they are invited to do so by email

Before using Mirakl Fnac portal (MCM), it’s important to wait to be invited to do it by email

– Sellers keep submitting product imports on Mirakl Darty as usual

How am I impacted as a Fnac Darty seller during the switchover?

These sellers are already familiar with the Mirakl Fnac catalog portal (MCM), which they use to submit their references to the Fnac catalog. Therefore, for them, nothing changes in terms of operation during the switchover:

– Sellers keep submitting product imports on the Mirakl Fnac catalog portal (MCM) as usual, while adding the specific Darty product references if they are not already included

The product catalog submitted on Mirakl Fnac and on Mirakl Darty must contain a list of identical products

– Sellers keep submitting product imports on Mirakl Darty as usual

How Mirakl Fnac works

Today you already have the same catalog on Darty and Fnac. Will you still have to re-import Darty products?

No, you will not need to redo the import if you have the same catalog on Fnac and Darty.

Will products that exist on Darty and not on Fnac be automatically created on both marketplaces?

Normally you do not have to recreate your entire catalog even if we do not exclude that certain references must be re-imported. During the switchover, products will have to be imported at two levels: on Fnac and Darty to ensure transfer and continuity.

During the switchover, the catalog imported on Fnac and Darty must contain a list of identical products. However, must the prices also be similar?

You are always free of the amount set for your prices (but please be reasonable, the gap between both platforms don’t have to be too big)

One of the features of Mirakl Fnac is to be able to modify the product sheets without being the creator, how will this happen? Will I need to provide proof of EAN ownership?

You can only modify a sheet by plugging into the same EAN. Any seller who does not sell the product in question will therefore not be able to modify the sheet concerned.

Despite the fact that the modification of product sheets is extended to all sellers who sell the same EAN, does the principle of “master” continue?

There will always be this “master” role. However, sellers who sell the same EAN will be able to modify the product sheet: this is a way to facilitate its completion.

For Spain and Portugal, will the creation of product sheets be translated automatically?

No, you must always create your product sheet in the destination language.

Regarding the integration of products via API, will there be facets or attributes required for certain categories?

Nothing changes on the structure of the categories. Besides you still have the mandatory attributes as on the import by Excel file.

Will the flow from your store still be automatic?

Absolutely, nothing changes regarding the automation of your feed. We confirm that everything will be automatable and the link will be made between your shop and the integrators.

Do the commissions remain unchanged?

Yes, nothing changes regarding commissions.

To import products on Mirakl Fnac, is it possible to use the configuration wizard and do a mapping rather than the Excel file template?

Yes it is still possible. We remind you, however, that it will not be possible to create the products both by this method and by another (form, file import and API)

Is it possible to export your Darty product catalog in Excel/CSV format from Mirakl Fnac?

You must request the export from your account manager or contact

What formats are accepted to add an image when I want to import a product on Mirakl Fnac?

Accepted formats are JPEG and PNG on Mirakl Darty. The URL that links to the image also works.

Batch 2 – Offer and Order

What does the Offer and Order batch (batch 2) consist of?

This second batch of the project concerns all functionalities other than product import: offers, orders, customer complaints, billing, etc.

This switchover consists of unifying the back office marketplace on the basis of the existing Fnac platform: the BOMP solution. Main points to remember

– The sellers present on Fnac and Darty will have 2 distinct stores. From an IT point of view, Darty will behave as a “market” of Fnac (like Fnac Belgium for example)
– The Fnac and Darty websites will remain separate

How will this changeover take place and why do we anticipate it?

The switchover batch 2 will not be done in double run as for batch 1. It will be a one shot switchover.

Here is the schedule as it is planned to date

Due to a constraint of one of our technical partners, we had to anticipate this switchover as you can see on the schedule.

The target date is May 22.

What are the features involved?

Offers: the offers will be in the same format on Fnac and Darty, they will have to be pushed back after the switchover to be up to date

Data continuity :

– Orders: the BOMP will contain the same orders as those present in Mirakl Darty at the time of the switchover (identical ID / identical status but different wording between Fnac and Darty / different store ID). After the switchover, orders issued from BOMP will be updated while Mirakl orders will no longer evolve, and can no longer be updated by the seller.

– Customer complaints: the BOMP will contain all customer and vendor messages from open complaints present in Mirakl Darty at the time of the switchover. It will of course be possible for the customer to open a complaints on an order placed in Mirakl Darty after the switchover. This complaints will be visible to the seller on on its Darty shop on the BOMP.

– Balance: the BOMP will contain the same seller’s balance as the one present on Mirakl Darty at the time of the switchover and will then be updated according to the evolution of orders (existing and new).

How am I impacted as a vendor?

In order to prepare for this changeover, information will need to be pushed back by the sellers (offers & store settings).

Other information will be directly included in the new solution (orders, claims, balance).

For sellers who use API, a test environment identical to the one already used on Fnac will be available and will allow you to test offers import, and generate orders.

For more information regarding the actions that need to be carried out depending on the offers imports method (API, manual…), it is possible to consult the page of the site dedicated to batch 2 (here).

What support system is in place?

In order to offer you the best support during this changeover, we provide you with the following communication and training elements:

– Regular communications to keep you informed of the status of the switchover
– Training guides with video tutorials to facilitate the use of the BOMP tool. They will be accessible continuously on the dedicated page of the website (here).
– Webinars session in April and May
– A dedicated support to answer your questions

Of course, this website and its FAQ will also be regularly updated according to the progress of the switchover preparation, do not hesitate to consult it!

What happens if, as a seller, I act after May 22?

I could not attend the webinars of April 19 and 20, how to find the support and the replay?

You can find the support and the replay of the webinar by clicking this link : BOMP Unique – Training documents batch 2

A second session will be organized soon, you will soon receive the invitations by mail.

What support system is in place?

Remember to look at your junk mail, important information can slip in.

BOMP Unique operation

How do I connect to BOMP Unique?

To connect to my Darty shop on BOMP Unique I click on :

To connect to my Fnac shop on BOMP Unique I go through :

You click sign in or click on your personal account ID and then select My seller account to log in as a professional

Will we, as a seller, have a single account on BOMP Unique for our Fnac and Darty shop ?

Not all sellers on Fnac and Darty will have two separate shops.

Electronically speaking, Darty behaves like a Fnac market (like Fnac Belgium for example). If you are present in several markets in the BOMP, you will have as many shops as there are markets in which you are present.

How do I change my login email to my Darty shop?

If you want to change the login email of the BOMP Darty shop you can go to Mirakl Darty and follow this path : My Account > Settings > Contact > Email.

Preparation for switchover batch 2

I am a seller who goes through manual import, what actions should I do?


Do you have a problem to reconfigure your Darty store in BOMP ?

Consult the guide BOMP Unique – Store Setup

Flollow the step by step thanks to our checklist

Do you have a problem to import your offers manually ?

Consult the guide BOMP Unique – Import your offers

I am a seller who goes through API, what actions should I do?

I use API Is there a test environment (preprod)?

Yes, there is a test environment identical to the one existing on Fnac, you can carry out push tests of offers and simulations of order reception. Here is the link :

ID and password : guest/guest

Is there documentation for setting up APIs?

Yes, click here to find the documentation to configure the APIs :

ID and password : guest/guest

What should I do after the switchover if I use APIs ?

Orders will appear in BOMP a few days before the switchover.

It is important not to try to update them until the switchover has passed

For API sellers, it will be necessary to match orders between Mirakl and BOMP the day after the switchover. This will prevent orders from being processed twice.

This mapping can be done:

  • Computerized (via the order ID which remains unchanged)
  • Manually in particular for orders awaiting shipment

For sellers who go through aggregators, please contact them to find out which of you or him should lead the action.

How to retrieve my data to configure my API flows (Shop ID, API key …) ?

You must ask your account manager or Darty support at this addres :

Are there any configuration details to consider when developing my flows ?

API: all APIs will be identical to those of the Fnac marketplace (settings and fields)

Shops: the Darty shop ID currently used in Mirakl is different from the shop ID that will be used in BOMP. There is already a 1-to-1 correspondence of Shop_IDs. As the Fnac and Darty shops are distinct, there will be a different API key corresponding to each marketplaces

Partner ID: the partner ID will be identical for Fnac and Darty

I am a seller who goes through aggregator, what actions should I do ?

Action to be carried out continuously:

The aggregators are simultaneously notified of the project and your actions

Please communicate regularly with them to find out more about how they are organizing for the switchover.

Do we have to connect to the pre-production environment if we go through an aggregator ?

No it is not necessary however you will have to set up your BOMP Darty store and then contact your aggregator to request the follow-up of your activities

I go through an aggregator, is he know of the changes ?

All aggregators are notified in parallel with the project and the batch 2 switch, we advise you to synchronize and communicate with him as much as possible to know how he is organized and to be able to follow his recommendations.

API pricing, what is it for ?

The pricing API allows you to adjust your prices according to other marketplace offers on You can then be best positioned to make the sale!


API pricing, how does it work?

For those who already use the API on Fnac, the Darty pricing API works in the same way, but adapts to’s marketplace offers.