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Dear Seller,

Fnac and Darty have formed a single group since 2016. With this merger, we are working on the harmonization of our tools to simplify the work of our active Marketplace vendors on both Fnac and Darty. We will progressively migrate towards a standardization of categorisations and templates of product sheets between the two sites. Thus, you will be able to use identical data in your files or product flows and import them more easily on both platforms, then by 2020, import your product catalog on a single platform.

We started the work of standardization of our catalogue on July 8th and July 29th. This has led to changes in the list of categories and attributes to be filled in your flows for creating or modifying product sheets for the categories below:

Deployment planning

  • From 8th to 10th July: Small & Big Appliances accessories
  • From 13th to 28th July : Small Appliances
  • From 12th to 29th July : Big Appliances

You receive this email because a part of your offers are matched on the product categories above. Following the different deployement task, you may have to recreate your offer.

  • If you usualy work with an API flow, with a channel manager or regulary update your offer CSV, don’t worry, your offers will be automatically recreated.
  • In case of a manual management of your offers from the seller back office, you may have to recreate them. We invite you to check after our category updates that your offers are still online
  • Concerning the creation of your product sheets on please find attached the before / after files of categories and attributes correspondences

If you have created product sheets in the past, you will remain in control of their content, however, we will change their categories and make changes to bring the content to the new attributes. For your future product creations, we send you as an attachment a file allowing you to search between the old and new categories.

For the Fnac Marketplace, there are no special actions to plan on your offers.

We are well aware that these projects impact you on a daily basis, and we are working to improve our transition processes for the Darty Marketplace so that it is transparent for you.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at  with the subject line “Uniformization of product categories”.

Best regards,

Marketplace Fnac Darty Team