Sales area : Worldwide

Productsup provides an innovative SaaS platform that empowers brands and retailers to optimize and syndicate their product content to all digital marketing, shopping and business channels, such as Fnac, Google or Facebook.

With agile data and seamless connectivity, the award-winning company helps customers break through data silos and get their products to market quickly.

Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Productsup is trusted by more than 800 businesses worldwide, including five Fortune 20 companies and market leaders like IKEA, Trivago, and Superdry.


Sales area : Worldwide

InfiPlex Inventory & Order Management System (OMS) allows any Seller to manage inventory and orders from one centralized system. InfiPlex automatically updates inventory levels as orders come into the system from Fnac and any other connected marketplace.

Tracking numbers are automatically sent to Fnac to complete your orders as you purchase your shipping labels.

InfiPlex can connect with 100+ different international and EU carriers. We can also provide custom set-up to integrate with your existing ERP systems.

Market Invaders

Sales area : Worldwide

Market Invaders is a SAAS application allowing brands and retailers to optimize their sales on more than 90 marketplaces around the world.
The mix between an easy to use technology and the experience of our account managers allows our customers to obtain the best publication rates.

With Market Invaders :

  • Increase your profit margin : the system helps you to win the Buy Box in updating the price of your products in a customizable treshold and "removing" the competitor offers
  • Develop your cross border sales : thanks to the automated translation of your catalog and the connection to 3rd party logistics such as Amazon FBA all around the world
  • Centralize your inventories, ads and orders to save time and avoid overselling

Secure your business: the transactions will be automatically booked in your ERP and the audit trail log all the data update (who? when? etc.)

Our customers get a two digits growth of their sales on the first year of use


Sales area : Worldwide

With a single powerful integration, connects your systems to international marketplaces and sales channels while optimizing sales, minimizing time, and maximizing profit and reach. It is purposely built for brands, distributors, and retailers.

We have built the leading e-commerce infrastructure that lets our clients use their store or back end system to sell to everyone around the world. By creating a seamless integration between businesses and marketplaces, we can empower companies to automate and maximize their sales potential internationally.

We help brands to gain control by selling directly on multiple online marketplaces.

We help distributors to boost their revenues with better margins.

We help retailers by selling more products wherever customers are searching for them.

Our customers have the opportunity to increase their online presence and outsmart their competition by making use of the most comprehensive integration, where
• Automatically imports and updates your product information from the current platform, so you can keep your webshop, ERP or PIM as the primary source
• Synchronizes stock and price changes between all marketplaces
• Automatically generates international invoices, taking into account European VAT rules
• Applies advanced pricing rules, allowing for desired margins and stock of other suppliers
• Sets up dynamic filters to control your product offer, including its specific minimum stock, margin, price, and other criteria
• Monitors your sales and shipments
• Provides translations services to address a multilingual aspect within sales networks
• Creates digital product bundles for long shelf-life items, similar products, or bestsellers to push revenues


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Sales area : Worldwide

Sellermania provides merchants and brands with a SaaS management platform, as well as an agency service to operate their marketplace activity.

Sellermania synthesizes the two pillars essential to success in the marketplace: technology and business expert support.


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Zone de diffusion : France

Iziflux est déjà utilisé par plus de 500 marchands qui diffusent ainsi au quotidien plusieurs millions de produits.

Iziflux gère vos flux et vous permet de diffuser vos produits sur Fnac en centralisant vos commandes et actualisant vos stocks automatiquement.

Vous disposerez ainsi d’une solution 100% compatible avec Fnac vous permettant de diffuser vos produits avec :

  • la récupération automatique de vos articles dans votre back office marchand,
  • l’actualisation des flux produits,
  • la catégorisation et la gestion des attributs Fnac optimisées,
  • la remontée des commandes dans votre back office,
  • la mise à jour automatique de vos stocks,
  • la possibilité de disposer d’un accompagnement sur mesure
  • une offre de délégation de la gestion technique et marketing.


Pour en profiter, mentionnez aux équipes Iziflux le partenariat Fnac Darty.


Sales area : Worldwide

BeezUP is a feed management platform designed to improve merchants business through automatization & international expansion.Thanks to BeezUP, it\'s now possible to manage from one single location your product feeds: marketplaces, price comparison engines, affiliation & retargeting.
You\'ll never have to deal with complex manual matrix anymore !
BeezUP manages this for you and makes sure your orders, inventory level and products are always up to date on all targeted channels.As a partner, BeezUP helps you to save time, optimize your sales strategy and boost your visibility on all targeted ecommerce channels.
You\'ll be onboarded and helped out by our internal experts all along your BeezUP journey.
Give wings to your Business through BeezUP !


Zone de diffusion : France

Diatly permet de diffuser un catalogue marchand et surtout de générer des ventes sur des marketplaces en France et à l’étranger.

Notre rôle est de vous accompagner dans le développement d’un chiffre d’affaires pérenne et rentable en marketplaces grâce à une plateforme technologique unique et l’accompagnement d’une équipe d’experts.

Nos offres sont « à la carte », adaptées aux besoins de nos clients et couvrent l’ensemble de la chaine de valeur d’un développement réussi en marketplace : Etude de faisabilité du projet, choix des places de marché, importation des données, création d’un catalogue dédié aux marketplaces, réalisation de photos, connexions et diffusion, maintenance des flux, centralisation des commandes, service client, logistique et expéditions, administration des ventes. Une solution clé en main.

Diatly existe depuis 2012, compte une trentaine de collaborateurs, sert plus de 350 marques.

Notre enjeu est votre chiffre d’affaires.


Linnworks’ Order Management Software automates your entire online selling process, providing you with the tools and support to scale your eCommerce business across multiple marketplaces and website platforms.

Take control of your business, avoid human error such as overselling and free up valuable time with the industry’s leading multi-channel eCommerce platform.

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