Back Office Project – Focus batch Offer and Order

Batch Offer and Order

As a reminder the Fnac Darty group will unify the back office solutions of its Fnac and Darty marketplaces into a single platform : Back Office MarketPlace Unique. The Fnac and Darty websites will remain distinct.

The switchover of batch 1 Catalog is complete. For more information see the page dedicated to batch 1. Regarding the switch of batch 2 Offer and Order, we remind you that it was anticipated, following a constraint related to a technical partner

Throughout the preparation of the switch we have tried to best support the sellers, you will find below useful information and actions to take

Before and after architectures batch 2

What does the offer and order batch (batch 2) consist of?

> The Principles of Batch 2

> The schedule for the switchover batch 2

Overall planning for batch 2 Catalog

How did the switchover of the batch 2 Offer and Order ?

> The switchover in practice?

> The points of vigilance to have concerning the orders

> The points of vigilance to have concerning the offers

The different seller actions to prepare the switchover

By manual import

Do you have a problem to reconfigure your Darty store in BOMP ?

Consult the guide BOMP Unique – Store Setup

Flollow the step by step thanks to our checklist

Do you have a problem to import your offers manually ?

Consult the guide BOMP Unique – Import your offers

Watch our videos tutorials !

By Own API

Own API – details of settings

How to find your Shop ID ?

A problem to configure your API flows ?

To recover your login if you do not have an account manager, contact Darty support at this address:

For any concerns about your flows, contact Team API at the following address:

Consult also the existing API documentation on the BOMP test environment:

ID and password : guest/guest

With an aggregator

To find out how to retrieve your Shop ID, click here : To find your Shop ID

Your retro schedule

If you have not completed your actions in time, we remind you that these operations must be carried out as soon as possible in order to secure your activity on

If you need help performing these actions, do not hesitate to contact your account manager or Darty support.

After switchover

As a reminder, the technical operations and migration of our back office are now completed since the night of May 22 to 23. Please consider the following :

Actions to realise after the switchover

You can also consult these actions on the page Focus on the actions to be made

Vacation mode

Following the switchover operations, your shop is in holiday mode?

We inform you that you can act yourself directly in BOMP Darty to disable this Vacation mode and resume your activity!

First, please check your settings and make sure they are finalized (shop settings, import of offers)

Then, go to My Account > Vacation Mode to perform the manipulation!

To guide you in this step, we put at your disposal :

An explanatory guide: Disable Vacation mode
A video tutorial:Disable Vacation mode

What we have made available to you throughout the switch :

For sellers

For partners